Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plates to Hang on Wall

I mentioned several months ago that I wanted to add a plate wall in our kitchen.  I've been slowly collecting plates, but I need several more to make it look full.  

Here's the plates I have so far...

So here's my question, should I go ahead and hang the plates I have now, and add more as I get them or should I wait to have as many plates I want and hang them at once?  Any opinions?

Also, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was an interesting way to hang plates!  I may have to put this to the test.

How to make a plate hanger using a paper clip


  1. I think I would wait unless you want a random pattern... Thank you so much for showing how to hang them!!! I have always wondered. Looks like it will work!

  2. I would wait...I know how bad you want to hang them, and my first instinct was to say, "Go ahead and hang them!!" LOL But then I thought, if you want a certain pattern/design or a particular way for them to look on the wall, then I would wait. How many more do you want? It looks like you've got a good bit to make a nice display. :)


  3. Hang them now! Why not? You can always hang more when you get them, but you might as well enjoy the plates you have now and put something on the wall. :-)


  4. Oh I would hang them now and then just keep adding to them until you get as many as you want!


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