Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Savannah is 3 Months!

These are a about 6 days late, but better late than never!  

Right after I took these pictures, Savannah rolled over onto her belly for the first time!  I was so excited that I got to see her roll over the first time she did it, I was so sad about missing that "first" because she is now going to daycare.  Such a blessing!

Yay Savannah!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Savannah is 1 Month Old

It is so hard to believe that Savannah is already one month old.  She has grown so much over the past few weeks!  We are so blessed with our precious daughter and thankful for the joy she brings to our lives!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Savannah Leslie

I'd like to introduce you to our precious daughter, Savannah Leslie Jenkins.  Born May 14th, 2013  at 11:23pm 7.4 lbs and 20 inches long.

More to come about our sweet girl as I get time to sit down and write- for now I'm just learning how to be a mommy :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Savannah's Nursery

Savannah's nursery is all ready for her to arrive!  I've enjoyed putting together the details and preparing a special place for her! We converted our office to the nursery.  Click here to see what the room looked liked before.  

One of my favorite aspects of the nursery are the prints that I bought off Etsy of fountains and statues in Savannah, GA.  We can't wait to take our little Savannah there someday :)

I made the bedding using this fabric.  It was a labor of love and my mom really helped out with that!  The monogram "S" was purchased from this Etsy shop.

We purchased the dresser/changing table at a discount furniture place in town.  I fell in love with the color- it was the first thing we bought for the nursery and I based the rest of the room around it.  

I am still working on her mobile, but I'm in no rush.  She won't be sleeping in her crib for a while, so I have time :)  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting Ready for Savannah

Jeremy and I have been blessed to have this past week off from work for Spring Break.  It has been a great time that we've been able to just relax and get prepared for our little daughter!  I'm proud of how much we've gotten accomplished this week!  Here are some projects we've done:

- Went shopping in Greenville, SC with our gift card money from the baby showers we've had so far as well as the $125 bonus money that we got from ING direct for opening up a checking account on Black Friday (we opened it with the intention of using the bonus money to buy baby supplies).  We were able to get a high chair, breast pump, bouncy chair, some clothes, burp cloths, nursing bras, new pj's for me to take to the hospital, diaper genie refills, and a few other random things.  We were blessed to only have to spend about $80 of our money for all of that!  So thankful for friends and family who have given us gift cards!

- We have assembled the high chair (and yes, we know it will be several months until she actually starts using it, but I'd rather look at the high chair than the box :)

- We got the carseat from my aunt (who graciously offered to give us the car seat her son just finished using) and installed it in the car.

- We got the cradle from my aunt as well and set it up in our bedroom 

- My mom came over and helped us spring clean and she painted a bookshelf for us and brought over a lot of my old children's books from when I was little.  We got those set up in Savannah's room.

- I packed Savannah's bag for the hospital

- I started packing my bag for the hospital, although I don't have everything ready just yet.  I am excited for my new pj's that I got to wear in the hospital after delivery.  

- I started washing Savannah's clothes and made tags to hang in the closet to separate the clothes by sizes. I used the template that I found here and added in my own text.  We went to Staples and had them printed out and laminated- all in all spent about $2 on them and I think they'll do the trick!  If you'd like to download the labels with the text I inserted, feel free to do so here (the labels are not my own, please see the original link above).  

- I also created a post-pardum recovery kit (sorry no pictures of this one, although I'm sure you don't mind :)  I am thankful for those who have shared what to expect as far as recovery for me after delivery so I have some idea of what is to come.  I took a look at a lot of different suggestions from other blogs and put together a basket containing: overnight super maxi pads, epsom salt, witch hazel, pure aloe vera, Tucks, medicated spray, stool softener, ibuprofen, hemorrhoid cream, spray bottle, and also made some "padsicles" to put in the freezer. 

- We had maternity pictures taken.  See a few of them here

- I downloaded some apps onto my phone to help me through labor.  I downloaded several free relaxing/nature sound apps, relaxing video apps, and I'm planning on buying an app called iBirth that has videos of labor positions and tips for relaxation during labor.  Although I plan to take a book with me to the hospital to help refresh my memory on some of the tips, I think having videos to watch may be easier for me to handle while in labor.  The app costs $2.99, and I've never actually bought an app, but I think this one may be worth it.  I'm working on creating some index cards with Bible verses and prayers to help me through labor and keep me focused.  

Still left to do- hang the curtains back up in the nursery.  They fell when my mom was helping us spring clean- just glad they didn't fall when Savannah was here and in the room!  We need to get some mounts to go into the dry wall to help them stay in place.  I also need to make the mobile to hang over the crib and hang up a picture.  Other than that, her room is ready to go!  We still have about 4 weeks until she is suppose to arrive but I'm so glad that we've gotten an early start on getting things ready!

Over the next month I plan on freezer cooking and continue getting the house ready for her to arrive.   I'm happy with how much we've done so far!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maternity Pictures Part 1

A sweet friend offered to take some maternity pictures for us as a baby gift.  She posted some of the pictures on Facebook yesterday and I love them!  I'm 35 weeks in these pictures :)  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Birth Preferences

Jeremy and I have been reading up and talking about what we want out of our birthing experience.  I've finally gotten our thoughts onto paper and thought some of you may be interested in seeing what type of birth we are wanting.  I never thought I would have a natural childbirth but after watching documentaries, reading blogs, and books about natural childbirth I really believe that it is what I want to do.  So here it is...our birth preferences.


 I understand that the following is for a best case scenario. I am very aware that things can change suddenly and interventions might be required for the safety of the baby or myself. I only request that barring an emergency situation, I be informed prior to any procedures and be allowed to ask questions regarding the pros and cons. Thank you very much for your willingness to provide this care and I ask for your encouragement as I attempt a natural childbirth!

As long as the baby and I are doing fine, I'd like to:

*Have intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring to allow for movement.

*Only have a saline/HEP lock IV inserted and to try to stay hydrated by drinking clear fluids instead of being hooked up to an IV as much as possible to allow for freedom of movement.

*Be allowed to progress free of time limits and have my labor augmented only if necessary.

*I'd like to try the following techniques: birthing ball, squatting bar, walking, changing positions, bath, breathing techniques/distraction, music, hot/cold therapy, & massage in a softly lit and quiet birthing room.

*Please don't offer me pain medication. I'll request it if I need it. If I request it during a contraction, please wait and ask me when the contraction is over if I still want the medication.

*If I decide I want medicinal pain relief, I'd prefer an epidural over narcotics.

When it's time to push, I'd like to:

*Try different positions for pushing and birth. (using squatting bar, side lying, etc.)

 *Do so instinctively when I have the urge. When I am fully dilated, I would like to wait to begin pushing until I feel the urge to push. Coaching would be appreciated during crowning to help reduce the likelihood of perineal tearing.

*Try perineal massage or a compress to help prevent tearing.

After birth, I'd like:
*The baby to be placed on my chest and to try to nurse immediately.

*Not to be given Pitocin to help deliver the placenta unless it's deemed necessary.

*Any shots, tests, and unnecessary procedures to be delayed at least an hour to allow time for skin to skin contact with our baby and nursing if the baby's health and safety allow it.

*I plan to breastfeed exclusively. Please do not offer our baby formula, a bottle, or a pacifier. 

In the case of an unplanned C-Section...
*Please use an epidural or spinal tap if possible so that I can be awake for the birth.

*I would love to be shown/touch our baby as soon as possible, and for my husband to hold our baby as soon as possible.

*To be allowed skin to skin contact with our baby in recovery if at all possible.  If not possible in recovery, skin to skin contact as soon as we can.

I modified a similar birth plan that I found here...

Monday, March 11, 2013

31 Weeks

I don't have a regular, chalk board picture for this week, but this one will do.

I've had a rough week dealing with sickness again.  I seriously feel like I've been sick for the majority of this pregnancy!  I just finished up my antibiotics about a week and a half ago from having bronchitis in February, and this week the violent coughing came back even worse than before and I have had shallow breathing.  I also starting having chills and night sweats, so I went back to the Dr. and they believe that I may now have pneumonia, but they can't know for sure without an x-ray, and they can't do that when you are pregnant.  I at least still have bronchitis,  but I was showing diminished breathing in my right lung and some of the other symptoms I was experiencing are signs of pneumonia.  I was given a Z Pac on Friday and put out of work today and tomorrow.  I have an OB appointment tomorrow and we will see how I am feeling then and my OB will need to decide what happens from there if I'm not better.  I am feeling a little better, my coughing is not as bad, but I still can't take very deep breaths.  It is hard to know what is caused by sickness and what is just a normal issue in pregnancy.

Little Savannah has been quite the acrobat this week!  I have enjoyed watching my stomach move all around and feel all her movements.  They have been stronger this week than any other week.  My parents both were able to finally feel her move this past week- they are the only other ones to feel her move besides Jeremy and I.  Savannah must be shy, she'll stop moving when others try and feel her kicks!

I'm happy to say that I have been able to maintain my weight well over the past month since my last OB appointment.  We'll see for sure tomorrow at my appointment, but from our scale at home, I believe that I have gained only a pound, if any, this month.  That puts me at 21 pounds gained so far with 8 weeks left to go.  I think I'll be able to stay right around 30 pounds for the pregnancy, which is only slightly more than the recommended 25.      

Jeremy was a trooper this week!  We went to breastfeeding class and although he was the only dad there, he stuck with me and we both really learned a lot.  He had his wisdom teeth taken out on Friday of this week, so he has been taking it easy this weekend trying to heal up from that.  It was so sweet- when he got out of the surgery and was still all doped up on the anesthesia, he wanted to know how me and the baby were.  I'm blessed to have a supportive husband!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 Weeks

I'm a little late posting this past week's picture, but better late than never.  Can you tell how miserable I was in that picture :)  This past weekend I had a ton of back pain as well as neck pain (that still is not gone).  I've decided to try and go to a chiropractor during the remainder of my pregnancy to try and ease the pain.  I have my first treatment today so I'm praying it will help!  

30 weeks seems like a huge milestone!  Only 10 more weeks to go, I can't believe it!  My mom helped me finish up Savannah's bedding for her nursery this weekend (I'll post about it soon!), showers are being planned, and overall I'm really starting to wish she was here!  Can't wait to hold her in my arms!  

Swelling has continued to be an issue this week and there are times when my wedding and engagement rings have to go on my pinky finger now.  

So ready for Savannah to be here!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 29

I'm officially in the 3rd trimester and I'm so glad that Savannah is getting close to being here!  The past few weeks have been a roller coaster for me.  I was sick for about a week and a half with bronchitis (again) and am just now starting to feel better.  I slept horribly that week (week 28), and slept on the couch for probably 7-8 days straight just trying to sit up enough so that I didn't cough so much.  Thankfully this past week I've started feeling much better and I'm back to sleeping in the bed (with my beloved new body pillow) and have much more energy.

I was disappointed to find that at my last dr's visit I had gained a considerable amount of weight.  Although this week I didn't gain any.  So hopefully it will even out.  So far I've gained 21 pounds.  More than I would have hoped at this point, but I know it has a lot to do with how much we've eaten out recently.  I really don't want to go over 30 pounds of weight gain for my pregnancy, but we'll see how things go.

We went for our 3D ultrasound this week and we loved seeing snippets of Savannah.  She is still breached (she has been for the past three ultrasounds- praying that she moves to the right position soon) and we were unable to get many clear pictures of her, but we are going back in two weeks for a complementary session since she was so uncooperative.  Her little hands and feet were all in her face for the ultrasound!  I have made arrangements for a maternity session soon (a friend from church will be doing them) and I have found a photographer to do newborn photos of Savannah within the first two weeks of her arrival!

Love this sweet side profile- I think she is going to have my nose :)  And that is her big toe propped up on her forehead.  How that is comfortable, I have no idea.

I have been extremely emotional the past couple of weeks.  My patience has been running thin (which is not a good thing with my job in special education) and I'm very sensitive right now.  For example, a couple of days ago Jeremy was trying to get me to drink a cup of milk because my acid reflux was so bad and he thought it would help soothe my throat.  I don't like milk and started to cry because I didn't want to drink it :)  Oh the joys of pregnancy :)

Glad to start 30 weeks...only 10 more to go!

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