Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Art of Homemaking

As the wedding inches closer and closer, I'm beginning to think less and less about the wedding plans and more and more about getting to live with my husband-to-be!  I can't wait to get our apartment  (hopefully in Lynchburg, but we'll have to wait till this weekend to find out), and begin to create a home for the two of us.

I've been reading the book "Dwelling: Living Fully in the Space you Call Home" over the past few days and it has been a sweet reminder to me of the importance of home and has refueled my passion for homemaking.  It's what I want to do.  I can't imagine anything more important than creating a home for my family, being a wife, and someday being a mommy.  I want to be a homemaker.  It doesn't matter what degree I earn, or what jobs I may have, my first passion will always be my family and my home.

Homemaking isn't just decorating, cleaning, or cooking.  Those things are part of it, but homemaking is so much more.  It is about creating a space for your family to feel free to be themselves, creating a refuge from the world for the people whom you love, a place for love to be shared, for wounds to be healed, for ideas to be encouraged, and for generations to be molded.  What could be more exciting?

I view homemaking as an art.  The home is a place where I can be creative, a canvas on which I and my family can create our own unique work of art.  It is graced with our personal fingerprints, a reflection of who we are and what we enjoy.  It is a place where we share beauty, and in turn, share a reflection of our Creator.  No one is more creative than our God, just take a look at the flowers, trees, birds, and skies.  We are created in the image of such a creative God, and in our homes we are able to reflect that creativity in our own unique ways.  Instead of just decorating, we are creating a space of beauty that inspires our family. 

Home doesn't need to be a place that is picture perfect all the time, it needs to be a place where our families are free to live and enjoy.  We are creating memories in our home- good or bad.  The memories are more important that the mess that may be created in the process.  The mess is temporary, the impact of allowing your family to truly live in and enjoy your home is long lasting.  When there are messes to be cleaned, view cleaning them as a service to your family, not as an annoyance.  It is a privilege to share in their lives and to clean our home so our family will have a place to rest, relax, and be comfortable.  It is an act of love.

My passion for homemaking is why I love blogs so much.  Blogs inspire me to build beautiful spaces.   Just be careful to not fall into the trap of comparisons.  Remember its not about perfection, its about family.  Be more concerned with making a lasting impact than having a pretty living room.  Embrace the joy and importance of being a homemaker, taking your brush in hand and creating your own work of art.

*Note: Dwelling- Living Fully in the Space You Call Home is available used on Amazon for only a penny, if you are interested in reading more about the importance of homemaking, I'd highly suggest this book to you! 

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  1. Beautiful post! You're going to be a wonderful homemaker, Cortney!


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