Monday, May 2, 2011

Less is More

Since I got back to NC, I've been overwhelmed by how much stuff that I have piled up high in my room (literally). My room is full of all the things Jeremy and I got for our wedding shower and is full of everything that we have to take to the beach with us for the wedding.  I have boxes and rubbermaid containers everywhere.  I told my mom last night that I feel like I'm a hoarder. :)  I have to keep reminding myself that I have an entire apartment's worth of stuff crammed into one room, so I can't worry about it too much. 

Yesterday though, I just couldn't help but going through and purging some old things that I had packed up to move with us.  I had old things I had saved from yard sales, old accessories and things from college dorm rooms, etc.  I got rid of another trash bag full of junk!  (I think every time I've come home in the last year I've thrown away a trash bag full of stuff from my room)

I've been learning from others over the last year or so that less really is more.  You can enjoy your home (or apartment) more when you have less stuff crowding it up.  You can keep a home cleaner when there is less stuff in it.  It is easier to actually LIVE in a room when there is less stuff to worry about. 

I want mine and Jeremy's first place to be beautiful, but I don't want to crowd it up with unnecessary things.  I want to be careful of what accessories I bring into our home.  If I don't absolutely love it, I don't want it sitting there just collecting dust because I wanted to fill a corner. 

I was reminded of all of this today by The Nester's post about her transformation from more to less

Then I was reminded again of all the excess that I have when I read this post at The Homespun Heart. 

I was going to post pictures of what my room looks like right now.  But, my computer is having to be fixed and I'm borrowing my brother's right now.  His doesn't have an SD card reader so I can't upload them right now.  But just imagine a hoarder's house on TLC, take down a couple of notches, and that's what I'm surrounded by right now. :)  I'm going to try to continue to clean and straighten today so maybe I can upload some tomorrow.

Maybe you need to take a look around your home- have you crowded it with so much stuff that its hard to really live in your space?  Do you need to do a little de-cluttering to have more with less?


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