Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Treasures in Grandma's Attic

This week I have been going through my grandparent's attic with them and looking through to see if there is anything that I'd like to use in our home.  I have found some very beautiful treasures up there! 

Jeremy and I didn't register for china for our wedding because 1) China is expensive 2) We may not get a full set and then have to buy pieces later 3) I knew that my Maw-Maw had a few sets in her attic that I could use if I wanted them. 

I sure am glad I waited!  I found two sets of China that I love.  They were both my great-grandmothers, and it is an honor to be able to have them.

The first is a full set of white china with a white floral pattern with a platinum border.  The border looks gold in the pictures, but it actually is more silver in person. 

I have an eight place setting set that includes dinner plates, salad/desert plates. cups and saucers, and bowls.  I also have one serving bowl.  They are almost exactly what I would have picked out for myself had we registered for china.

The other set is a blue and green floral china pattern.  My favorite colors!  They will go great with our decor.

This set is also contains an eight person place setting and includes dinner plates, salad/desert plates, bowls, saucers, a sugar bowl with lid, a serving bowl, and a serving platter.  The only thing missing are the tea cups.  I have a feeling they may still be in the attic since those are the only pieces missing for the set. 

I plan to use one for spring and summer and the other for fall/winter.  I'll probably use the green and and blue during the spring and summer and the white set for fall and winter.  I'm  excited to put them to use!

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