Friday, December 23, 2011

Portillo's by Mail

Jeremy's parents sent us a big surprise this week for Christmas- Portillo's by mail!  Portillo's is a hot dog place in Chicago and they ship around the country.  What a thoughful Christmas gift!  We aren't going to be able to make it up to visit Jeremy's family this year for Christmas, but he was able to have a little slice of home with this meal.

We had fun opening up the box and discovering all the fixings for Chicago hotdogs.  Everything was included- step by step instructions for preparing the dogs Portillo's style, and it even included a Portillo's crew member hat!

I'll have to get Jeremy's phone and get some pictures of him too- he just posted the ones of me on facebook and I copied them off of there.  :)


  1. Such a fun idea! :)

    - Heather

  2. Portillo Chile is a ski destination that is well-known for the big yellow-colored destination, a store ski practical experience, and uncommon ski comes.

  3. My dad is from Chicago & we have mail-ordered Portillo's italian beef all the time at his house in Georgia! Love it!


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