Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love our white themed Christmas tree!  I have collected white and silver ornaments over the last couple of years on clearance after Christmas for when Jeremy and I got married.  So we had a few to put on the tree, and then I also made some ornaments.

My favorite part of the tree is the garland.  It has a capriz shell look to it, don't you think?  It is actually made from wax paper! Here is my tutorial for making your own wax paper garland

Here are some of the ornaments I had bought over the past couple of years.

The olive tree wood ornaments above were some that I bought on my trip to Israel.  They are so special to put on the tree, and remind me of my time there, as well as the true meaning of Christmas.  

Another one of my favorite parts is the tree skirt.  It is in fact a wedding dress train!  If you've been a reader for a while, you may remember this post where I mentioned using it as a tree skirt.  I worked at a bridal shop when I lived in VA, and we received this huge wedding dress train as a donation.  We couldn't sell it, so I I took it home and made a couple of things from it!  

I think it works great as a tree skirt! 
I only wish that I had some way to get those wrinkles out- any suggestions for how to get wrinkles out of real silk?  I tried to steam it, and I just made brown spots.  


  1. You did such a beautiful job on the tree. I like getting ornaments on clearance, too. In my family growing up, my parents gave each child an ornament every year, so that we'd have ornaments when we grew up and left home. My husbands family did a similar thing, so we had PLENTY of ornaments on our first Christmas. It's special every year to open up the ornament boxes and see all my favorites again. But, I really like how you got to choose your whole theme and make a really cohesive look. My tree isn't very cohesive at all!

    I was wondering what the tree skirt was. Now I know! And the train performs splendidly in its new roll. Don't know how to get the wrinkles out, though. I kind of like them. Here's what my "Home Comforts" by Cheryl Mendolson book says about caring for silk: "Washable silks that have not been chemicly treated to render them washable should be washed gently by hand in lukewarm water and mild soap or detergent. Regular laundry detergents are alkaline; [previously she says "silk is significantly weaker when wet and, because it is a protein fiber like wool, is vulnerable to alkalies, even mild ones.] the hotter and more concentrated the alkaline solution, the more damage will be done to silk. Chlorine bleach will cause silk to disintegrate. Hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate bleaches may be used on white silks with caution. DO not leave silk soaking for long periods. Because silk weakens a little when wet it might be harmed by wringing or rough tumbling.

    "Water often leaves spots on silk (as a result of sizings and other finishes applied by manufacturers), but the spots generally come out upon laundering. Iron silk on the reverse side when it is still damp, or use steam and press cloth on medium setting." She also says that a cool tumble dry may be used.

    Maybe something up there will help. :/


  2. Your capiz shell look-alike garland is really pretty! The all white theme is so elegant, too. Visiting from Abbie's party. :-) Sue
    Sullivan and Murphy


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