Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogs I Love- Frugal Living

In continuation of yesterday's post, I am sharing some of my favorite blogs with you again today.  Today's blogs are all about frugal living.  This includes couponing blogs and free sample blogs.  I was floored when I was first introducted to the "coupon game" probably about 2 years ago.  The fact that I have been able to leave a store with $70 worth of stuff for $5 because of coupons is amazing!  I have not been couponing much lately just because of all the work and time that can go into it, but when Jeremy and I get married, I plan to really get back into it to help us stay within our budgets.  A few things that I still do and will continue to do is always match up your meal planning for the week with what is on sale at grocery stores, and check for online coupons before I leave for the store.  You can even upload coupons onto your shoppers card at a lot of stores.  Some day I'll do a series on couponing, but for now here are my blogs that inspire frugal living. 

Blogs About Frugal Living

Southern Savers- My #1 choice for couponing!  This girl is awesome!  Each week she matches up store ads with available coupons and has a list that you can choose which deals you want and print it out.  Incredibly helpful and makes couponing so much easier!
Southern Savers: Southern Deals and Frugal Steals.

Coupon Mom- Coupon Mom is what really got me started on couponing.  She has a couple of great e-books on the couponing game and explains how to coupon at grocery stores, drug stores, etc.  In depth and very helpful. She always has the best coupon database.

Money Saving Mom- This mom started couponing to in order to help save money to pay for their house in cash, and they did it!  Such an amazing story.  Now she highlights daily deals, coupon deals, budgeting tips, etc.

Free Sample Freak- This blog is all about free samples!  I have gotten SOOO many free samples from reading her blog!  If you start requesting free samples I suggest that you open an "junk e-mail" account on gmail or something.  You always have to give out your email and address and stuff.  Honestly, I don't receive junk mail via snail mail but you will usually be signed up for the company's e-newsletter or something when you sign up for free samples.  I love this site because I love free stuff!

Free Sample Freak

Groupon Girl- I just found this blog this week but already love it!  Groupon is a daily deals site and Groupon Girl finds all the best nationwide deals off the site and posts them.  I'm checking this out daily for Christmas gifts!

Hope you enjoy these sites and they can help you live frugally as well!


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