Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blogs I Love- Home and Decorating

It's only been within the last year that I really got into the whole blog scene. I read some really amazing blogs by women who share about ministry, saving money, their families, and their homes.  I have gotten so much inspration from them, and reading their stories has made me want to start my own blog! 
I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you! Today I'll share my favorite Home and Decorating blogs.  I'll do a couple of seperate posts for different kinds of blogs.

Blogs about Home and Decorating

Nesting Place- this is one of the first blogs I began reading and I have found so many other great blogs through the Nester's "Bird Watching".  I'm in love with the colors she uses in her home!  Her living room is below.

The Lettered Cottage- this is a blog of a couple who has redone their home and made it into a beautiful cottage!  They restyle homes and are actually getting pretty famous.  They've been in several magazines and are in the process of possibly doing a tv show.  I love their style- beachy vintage cottage.  My favorite room is their kitchen- you've got to check out that makeover!

Dreamy Whites- this blog gives me that french country inspiration. Beautiful shabby chic vintage style.  Her entire house is beautiful, so crisp clean and white!  Her bedroom is pictured below. 

Pretties and Posies- this is a fairly new blog to me but I am in love with the sweet style and real comfort her home screams.  She also shares about her girls and family, love it!  Her master bedroom is at the top of my inspiration list for mine and Jeremy's future bedroom!

A Few More..

More to come later!


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