Friday, March 18, 2011

Appomattox Courthouse

This morning Jeremy and I made a trip up to see the Appomattox Courthouse in Appomattox VA- where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant in the Civil War.  Appomattox is only 30 minutes from Lynchburg, but Jeremy and I had never been up there together.  I visited one time with my family when I came to visit Liberty while I was in high school, and Jeremy had never been.  It has been on our bucket list of things to do before leaving Lynchburg, and today was such a beautiful and sunny day to go!  Because it is the “off season”, it only cost $5 for the two of us to go. 

The visitor’s center


The General Merchandise store.   I love looking antique goods!100_1080

The printing press- this is where they printed the release papers for a lot of soldiers.  100_1081Jeremy and I loved these hardwood floors! 100_1082

This key was HUGE- it looks like the picture is zoomed, but really the key was about a foot long.  It was found during the reconstruction of the house. 100_1083Old slave house- now a restroom :)100_1084I was loving this gun rack! I took this picture for my Dad- you need to make one of these Daddy :)  This is in the bottom floor of the jail. 100_1085 I thought this “candleholder” was cute.  Jeremy informed me that it was in fact a whiskey bottle.  You can’t see if but it has a whiskey label on the roof.  Still- cute idea.  100_1086 

This is inside the McClain House- where the surrender papers were signed.  We kept calling it a treaty- but were informed that it isn’t a treaty but a series of letters that declared surrender.  A treaty can only be signed between two countries evidently- and we were in fact one country.  You learn something new everyday. 

That little table is where Grant sat and he had 14 officers with him in the room.    100_1088 This is where Lee sat- he had one officer with him.  100_1089This is the dining room in the McClain house- I love old kitchens and dining rooms! 100_1090 This was me realizing that my battery was about to die and that I hadn’t taken a picture of the two of us yet. :)  I got Jeremy to take the one below it of me quickly before it died as well.  I’m standing in front of the McClain house and the treaty was signed in the room where that top window is.   100_1091



We had a fun little day trip, now off to work and then headed home to NC for a bridal shower this weekend!  Can’t wait to see everyone!

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  1. What a gorgeous house with awesome history to boot. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x


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