Friday, March 11, 2011

The Reception Plans

Yesterday I shared the plan for the wedding ceremony. 

Our reception is going to be at Watermark Marina in Wilmington, NC.  It is about 17 miles north of the ceremony site.

Watermark Marina is on the Cape Fear River and they have a beautiful clubhouse, which is where the reception will be.  We will also be having the rehearsal dinner there the night before.  The clubhouse is two stories, with 4 suites upstairs.  My family and the bridal party will be staying there the night before the wedding and then my family and Jeremy’s family will be staying there the night of the wedding. 

Above is the sign that greets you at the gate. Below is the aerial view of the clubhouse.  When we drove up to it the first time, and I saw that it was a light blue building, I was in love :)  It matches perfectly with the wedding colors. 


The “front” lawn by the water is beautiful and we are going to be utilizing this space at the reception.

There is a wonderful pier on the river and it will be perfect to take pictures on!



This is the inside of the clubhouse where we will have the reception set up. 

And this is the mock up of the centerpieces that we are going to have.  Our flowers are going to be blue instead of the white though.  image

We will have all the food inside and people can feel free to eat inside at the tables or outside on the front lawn. 

I want it to have a casual, backyard bbq feel to it, kind of like this. 



… Complete with yard games


Looking forward to it all coming together!

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  1. Love the venue, and the outside views. Perfect.

    Lisa x


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