Monday, March 14, 2011

Surprise Bridal Shower

My wonderful friends here in Lynchburg threw me a surprise bridal shower this past Sunday.  Jeremy kept me out all day after church while they got everything together for the shower.  It was so much fun and so thoughtful of them to put it together for me! 
199747_806327980658_55715852_42298197_3283255_n You can tell from my face that I was like, what is going on here?  I almost didn’t want to put this picture because of that face I’m making, but hey, its a surprise picture :)

The girls had all kinds of wonderful goodies for us to eat, and my favorite…bridal shower punch!
After we ate, I opened presents.  My friends are too good to me, thank you girls for all the wonderful gifts!
My roommate Sarah bought me these beautiful crystal candlesticks.  They can fit tea lights or pillar candle sticks.
My friend Chrissey bought me some kitchen stuff from our registry. 188685_806328804008_55715852_42298210_2279006_n 189964_806328918778_55715852_42298212_697753_n 190088_806329377858_55715852_42298216_7102673_n
Sarah made this adorable wedding cake card on her mom’s cricket.  How cute is that?  
Loved my stockpot from Laura and TJ!  Laura was an old “quad”mate, and her husband TJ will be officiating the wedding. 

After presents, we played some fun games.  First up with pin the flower on the wedding dress.  How creative :)
And then we played a “newlywed game”.  The girls had asked Jeremy a set of questions the day before and had his answers ready.  They then asked me the questions and if I didn’t answer the same as Jeremy, I had to fish out Hershey kisses from a pie pan filled with cool whip using only my  face!  It was hilarious!

We had such a good time!   Thank you girls for a wonderful shower and to Jeremy for keeping the secret and keeping me out of the house all day :)  Love you guys!


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