Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

For the past several years, I have been collecting Christmas ornaments for Jeremy and I to use once we got married.  Although I had a good number of ornaments saved, we still needed some additional ornaments to fill our first Christmas tree. 
I created some handmade Christmas ornaments using materials we had on hand- my goal was to not spend any money on our tree this year, and I was able to do that by using what I already had. 

The first ornament that I made was a coffee filter monogram ornament.  This is actually just a miniature version of the monogram wreath I made for our wedding. (tutorial for wreath found here) I will be posting a tutorial for this ornament this week.

I also made some accordion folded sheet music ornaments.  I think these add so much to the tree and are great space fillers.  I made several different sizes and designs. 
sheetmusic ornament
The last ornament I made were these cuties from toilet paper rolls!  I saw this tutorial on pinterest and started saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls and made lots of them to put on the tree and to use as gift embellishments. 
toiletpaper ornament
I’ve enjoyed making ornaments that we can use year after year.  Being able to have handmade ornaments makes our tree even more special to me.  Have you started on any Christmas crafts?

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