Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Leap of Faith

The past two weeks has contained another twist in the road for Jeremy and I. We had to take a big leap of faith and move towards what God was calling. In the past two weeks, we decided that the best way that we could serve the Lord and fulfill His calling on our lives would be for Jeremy to quit his job as a car salesman, and for us to again seek a ministry position- even if the position was not paid. It was a scary choice. We knew we could cover the bills with my paycheck, and we also knew there would be little left over. But we always know that God is faithful and will provide. We knew we had to act, or we would get too scared to do anything. We knew that it would be hard to tell people, but we did it anyways. We knew some people would think we were crazy, but we seek the approval of our Master- not friends or family. It's just another chapter in our marriage and ministry journey- one that we have come to understand that we'll never be able to plan out for ourselves. Last week Jeremy was offered the student pastor position at the church we have been attending. At this time it is not a paid position, but what an opportunity! It is a fairly new church plant- only 4 years old, but it already has an average attendance of about 350 each Sunday. (that is great for this area!) They are launching a new campus early next year and there are exciting things ahead! We are excited to dive in head first into this new adventure, seeking to build the Kingdom and reaching people far from God! The details and transition are still being worked out but we are so thankful for this opportunity. Please keep us in your prayers as we move into this position!


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