Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paperwhite Bulbs

This past weekend I planted some paperwhite bulbs in preparation for the Christmas season.  I love these beautiful and delicate flowers!  I did some research online and it was a simple process to plant the bulbs.

I just picked the bulbs up at Wal-Mart, emptied a big apothecary jar, took off the lid, filled the bottom with about an inch or two with pebbles (leftovers from our wedding centerpieces), put the bulbs in the center and covered them about half way with more pebbles.  You just keep water in it so that the bottom of the bulbs are sitting in water and that's it-  now I just get to watch them grow!

To my delight, they have already begun to spring up!  I am meticulously checking on them and just hoping that they bloom for Christmas.  It takes about 4-5 weeks for them to bloom so they should be right on time!


  1. Oooh, I want to do that! We just had our first frost, so all my pretty flowers outdoors are dead. Dead as a doornail. Some pretty flowers inside would be a welcome sight.


  2. I did paperwhites for the first time this year. Mine came up in 20 days. They are so, so tall. I read online (after mine fell over) that if you add alcohol to the water after they are about 4-inches tall that it will stunt their growth enough they won't fall over.
    Mine still look great. I tied them up with a white ribbon.
    I look forward to seeing yours!


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