Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Lord Directs Your Path....

How many times I have said those words over the past year?  That our plans are not in our hands, but the Lords?  

I look back now and am so thankful that Jeremy didn't get that job last summer....we wouldn't be where we are today- where God wanted us, if so.  We have fallen in love with our student ministry at Element.  We also love the opportunities we have to serve in our church.  I'm so proud of how Jeremy has poured himself into our students.  The Lord knew what He was doing when He directed us away from what we thought we wanted.

God has also directed my path so much in the last year.  Last August, I quickly scrounged and found a teacher's assistant position in a local middle last year when we found out we weren't moving.  It was a special education assistant job, and I was a little nervous about it.  But I really loved it!

Amazingly the door kept opening for me to teach this upcoming year.  I was approached several times by the administration about becoming a teacher.  I was really surprised.  I didn't go to school to be a teacher, so this sounded crazy to me.  But I saw the need for quality special education teachers- they are few and far between!  I found out that I could take the Praxis tests in Special Education and Fundamental Knowledge and I could qualify for what NC calls "lateral entry".  This is where I can begin teaching while taking the classes to become a fully certified teacher.  This doesn't happen often, but when there is a big need (like in special ed) it is an option.

I decided to just go for it.  I had three weeks from the time that I got the go ahead to sign up for the test and the time that I had to take it.  I studied non-stop for three weeks straight.  And to God be the glory I passed!  I couldn't believe it when I received my score- I had made a 192.  It is on a scale on 100 to 200 and I had to have a 158 in order to pass.  I know that the Lord was in it for me to make that high of a score and only have studied for such a short amount of time!  Usually it is a test that education students take right before they graduate college in their subject area.

Everything just kind of fell into place.  The doors opened, and I walked through- moving on faith that this is what the Lord has for me at this time and place.

I have signed a contract with our county for a special education adapted curriculum teaching postion this coming year.  I am going back to school- something I never really thought I would do.  But I'm happy and excited.  That's what happens when you are in the center of God's will- you find peace and joy.

I'm thankful for the opportunity, excited for the possibilities, and thankful that the Lord directs my path instead of me.  So glad that I have decided to write my plans in pencil instead of sharpie!

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  1. Wow! That is so great, Cortney! Congrats on the great scores and the new job.


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