Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Birth Preferences

Jeremy and I have been reading up and talking about what we want out of our birthing experience.  I've finally gotten our thoughts onto paper and thought some of you may be interested in seeing what type of birth we are wanting.  I never thought I would have a natural childbirth but after watching documentaries, reading blogs, and books about natural childbirth I really believe that it is what I want to do.  So here it is...our birth preferences.


 I understand that the following is for a best case scenario. I am very aware that things can change suddenly and interventions might be required for the safety of the baby or myself. I only request that barring an emergency situation, I be informed prior to any procedures and be allowed to ask questions regarding the pros and cons. Thank you very much for your willingness to provide this care and I ask for your encouragement as I attempt a natural childbirth!

As long as the baby and I are doing fine, I'd like to:

*Have intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring to allow for movement.

*Only have a saline/HEP lock IV inserted and to try to stay hydrated by drinking clear fluids instead of being hooked up to an IV as much as possible to allow for freedom of movement.

*Be allowed to progress free of time limits and have my labor augmented only if necessary.

*I'd like to try the following techniques: birthing ball, squatting bar, walking, changing positions, bath, breathing techniques/distraction, music, hot/cold therapy, & massage in a softly lit and quiet birthing room.

*Please don't offer me pain medication. I'll request it if I need it. If I request it during a contraction, please wait and ask me when the contraction is over if I still want the medication.

*If I decide I want medicinal pain relief, I'd prefer an epidural over narcotics.

When it's time to push, I'd like to:

*Try different positions for pushing and birth. (using squatting bar, side lying, etc.)

 *Do so instinctively when I have the urge. When I am fully dilated, I would like to wait to begin pushing until I feel the urge to push. Coaching would be appreciated during crowning to help reduce the likelihood of perineal tearing.

*Try perineal massage or a compress to help prevent tearing.

After birth, I'd like:
*The baby to be placed on my chest and to try to nurse immediately.

*Not to be given Pitocin to help deliver the placenta unless it's deemed necessary.

*Any shots, tests, and unnecessary procedures to be delayed at least an hour to allow time for skin to skin contact with our baby and nursing if the baby's health and safety allow it.

*I plan to breastfeed exclusively. Please do not offer our baby formula, a bottle, or a pacifier. 

In the case of an unplanned C-Section...
*Please use an epidural or spinal tap if possible so that I can be awake for the birth.

*I would love to be shown/touch our baby as soon as possible, and for my husband to hold our baby as soon as possible.

*To be allowed skin to skin contact with our baby in recovery if at all possible.  If not possible in recovery, skin to skin contact as soon as we can.

I modified a similar birth plan that I found here...


  1. Good for you on choosing a natural birth! I've had three naturally, and You can do it!!! Oh, and you can do massage pre-labor to help avoid tearing, and Evening Primprose oil will help soften tissues and make them stretchier, too. My midwife recommended EPO for all her first-time-mommas.

  2. This is all so wonderful! I'm praying you have a beautiful natural birth experience. God gave me two natural births and I am so thankful for a supportive team (husband, mom, midwife, & nurses) who encouraged me in labor and made my dream birth plan a reality!


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