Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 Weeks

I'm a little late posting this past week's picture, but better late than never.  Can you tell how miserable I was in that picture :)  This past weekend I had a ton of back pain as well as neck pain (that still is not gone).  I've decided to try and go to a chiropractor during the remainder of my pregnancy to try and ease the pain.  I have my first treatment today so I'm praying it will help!  

30 weeks seems like a huge milestone!  Only 10 more weeks to go, I can't believe it!  My mom helped me finish up Savannah's bedding for her nursery this weekend (I'll post about it soon!), showers are being planned, and overall I'm really starting to wish she was here!  Can't wait to hold her in my arms!  

Swelling has continued to be an issue this week and there are times when my wedding and engagement rings have to go on my pinky finger now.  

So ready for Savannah to be here!

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