Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anthro Loves

I was browsing Anthropologie’s website yesterday and saw all kinds of lovely things.  Here are a few of my favorites…  All images from Anthropologie
onelumportwolampWouldn’t this teacup lamp be adorable in a kitchen or breakfast nook?
antrhofarmerseggcrate Ceramic egg crate would make the fridge look prettier :)
diningroommeasuringspoons Aren’t these measuring Spoons great?  I love that they are attached on a safety pin too.
eatdrinkandbemerrychandelierAnthropologie has tons of silverware stuff right now. I love this Silverware chandelier.  I feel like you could easily make this.  I’m sure you could find a tutorial for it somewhere in blogland.
finediningplacematsThese placemats would be great to help teach kids the “correct” way to set a table! Marcy over at Haverford House has some cute diy placemats that are a knock off of these!
 isolabellabathmatThis Bath Rug is super cute!
wavesofrufflesshowercurtainThis ruffled Shower Curtain looks so nice and clean.
roseyprimapron I am in love with this apron!
shellmeasuringspoons How unique are these shell measuring spoons?
vintagegardenmarkers Someday when I have a garden, I’m gonna make some of these garden label stakes!


  1. Not that I've done it, but I bet you could make that lamp. If you got one of the lamp kits (or disassembled a thrifted lamp for all its innards), the tea cups, tea pot, saucers, etc that are stacked together to form the lamp. You could use a ceramics glue (or maybe just super glue) to paste them together after you have used a drill to put holes through your pieces to run the wiring. I betcha could do it!


  2. Oh, and I love those placemats!!! I have little girls that are old enough to set the table, but we don't always get things in the right spot. :-) I had been thinking about getting plain placemats and using a marker to outline the utensils and plate, etc. But those would be a whole lot prettier!


  3. Anna,
    Thanks for your comments! I was thinking the same thing, that lamp can't be hard to make. I may have to add that to my list of projects! I came across a knock off of the placemats using graphics from The Graphic Fairy, you may want to check it out for your daughter

  4. They are lovely things. Courtney just this week, I came across a tutorial for the lamp. If I can find it would you like me to send you the link? I love the egg crate.

    Lisa x

  5. Love all this Anthro! That lamp or chandelier would be great projects to recreate. Good Will & thrift stores are filled with the materials! I bet you could do it too! ~Marcy


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