Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding Favors and Bags

For our wedding favors at our beach wedding, we’ll be giving conk shells to all our guests!  Along with shark teeth, my family loves to hunt for shells at the beach.  We go to Shackleford Banks in the Outer Banks of NC each year and have so much fun finding shells!  We hope our guests will enjoy the shells and know that we had fun finding them throughout the years.  It is a different kind of favor than most people give, but we have so many people ask us for shells after we go, that we thought everyone would enjoy having one from our wedding!

Here are some photos of Shackleford Banks and of some of our shells…

sarahstuff 175

sarahstuff 179

sarahstuff 117


All of these shells were just from one year of going to Shackleford banks…IMG_3206

I’m planning to have a large galvanized tub to hold the shells and then have these bags for people to take the shells home in- just in case there is still sand inside them.


My mom and I embossed them a while back using the same stamp from the wedding invitations.  I’ll put them in a galvanized bucket and sit them beside the shells at the reception. 


I hope everyone will enjoy them!


  1. think that is a very creative idea & who doesn't love a seashell?! :)

  2. I love this idea. I've recently started a shell collection. Living near the beach, I should've been doing one all all these years.

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Cortney!! What a great idea for a wedding favor! Wow... I've never seen soooo many shells washed up on the shore like that... amazing! You have a fabulous collection! :)

  4. that's a really cool idea! how fun. a beach wedding!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all think it is a good idea!

  6. I love it. Your photo's are beautiful. What a fantastic idea. I never tire of looking at things like this. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x


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