Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bedding and Advice


image I think I finally decided on some bedding for Jeremy and I.  I’m loving the simplicity of the Fieldcrest Luxury Hotel Duvet Set in white from Target.  I didn’t want anything too girly, but I wanted it to feel clean and soft.  I think this is a good mix, and remind me of some bedding from Pottery Barn that I liked, but the size just didn’t seem to work.  I’ve been looking for a while and posted about the bed and bedding here and here.


Here is the link for all the specs. It is 400 thread count and 100% Egyptian cotton, so I think it will be pretty nice.  It comes with the duvet and 2 pillow shams for $89, so I think that is a great price!

I’ve got two concerns though.  See on that picture above, those two vertical lines on the pillow where it looks like it is puckering?  What is that?  And if it is a mistake, why would they put it on their website?  I don’t want that on my pillows. 

Second, I don’t know what size to get.  We still don’t have a mattress or a bed frame, or a headboard.  But we do have a memory foam mattress topper thing.  That is about two inches thick.  I have heard that sometimes the queen size duvets and comforters are too small for the queen beds, especially when you have a pillow top mattress or a mattress topper.  Some have suggested buying a king size duvet and comforter.  I don’t want the comforter to be too short, but I also don’t want it to come to the floor.  Any suggestions?  I need advice on this one, just don’t know what to do.  Also, it is not a Full/Queen duvet, it only comes in Queen or King.  So maybe it would be different?  I can’t find the exact measurements on the website.  And should I buy the comforter before I get the duvet?

Why does so much have to go into buying bedding? :)

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  1. Looking at the pillow in the 2nd image, it looks like it just hasn't been smoothed properly. But in the top photo it looks smooth.

    We have a queen size bed with a King size doona. The sides don't hang down far past the matress at all (it's and ensemble).

    Personally I love white. We recently bought a 1000 thread count set, when they were on special in January. I usually have the el cheapo ones. I love our new set, but think the Egyptian cotton is better. I really like the set you have featured. It has a little detail, but not overdone. I hunt high and low for sets like this. Who'd have thought that plain white was so hard to find. (On a budget).

    Lisa x


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