Friday, September 9, 2011


This weekend I'm hopeful that we will finally find a place of our own to live.  I've got a list of possibilities and we're ready to roll!  Hoping things work out soon for a good place in a good neighborhood.  Keep your fingers crossed that a good news post will be up next week :)

Today my mom and I went and looked at a duplex apartment after I got off work.  Jeremy is still working so he wasn't able to go, but I took pictures so he can see it too :).  I really like this apartment, there is a HUGE living room and it is very reasonably priced.  We're suppose to find out tomorrow if someone who looked at it before us is going to take it.  If not, maybe we'll be moving in :)  Here's a look at the outside, I'll save inside pictures for if we actually get the place.

Hopefully I'll be posting more pictures soon!


  1. Looks nice! :) Where is it at?


  2. Thats right by my house! :)


  3. looking so cool and beautiful picture..

  4. I hope that any future for whites in this country, but not entirely optimistic.


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