Saturday, September 24, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I have felt disconnected from the world this past week.  We still don't have internet in the new house, so I've not been able to blog or read blogs, or go on Pinterest, or really do anything that normally fills up my free time :) 

We've been busy moving boxes and furniture and unloading and unpacking and setting up home.  Nesting as I like to call it.  I love it.  I'm hoping to get the final load of stuff from my parents house to move over today, and while I'm here I'm trying to write up some blog posts for this week. 

We're enjoying the new house and especially having somewhere of our own.  I have yet to take pictures because it's been in a pretty constant state of mess, but I promise I'll put some up this coming week.  Until then, I got our professional wedding photos back this week and I want to share some with you over the next couple of days!  

I was excited to see some new followers when I logged on to blogger today!  Welcome, so glad to have you here in our little slice of blogland!  I'm usually a much more regular poster, and as soon as we get the internet hooked up I'll be back- I promise! 


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