Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well...the Day Has Finally Come

I'm almost scared to write this because I don't want to jinx anything, but we should be able to begin moving in our new place tonight!  I am meeting the landlord in about thirty minutes to sign the lease, pay the deposit, and get the keys.  WHOO HOO!!!  I'm so excited and so ready to begin setting up house with Jeremy.  This is a day I've longed for for so long.  I can't explain how happy I am that it is finally here.  I posted pictures of the outside of the duplex earlier in the week, but as promised I'd love to take you on a quick tour of our first home!

I took these pictures when we first walked through and they aren't very good but hey, if you're curious they'll do until we start having things to take pictures of inside the house :)

The laundry room

Bedroom #1 (what will be our office/craft room)

Bedroom #2 (master) 

the really big living room...

the backyard...

and our itty bitty back patio.

Oh how I can't wait to get all our wedding present FINALLY unpacked and get to working making it ours.  It's gonna be a fun week.

We won't have internet for a while at the new house, so new posts may have to wait a little, but I'll be back soon to share the progress of the move!


  1. SO exciting! Congratulations!! I can't wait until we're in that same spot! Enjoy decorating & making your home, yours! = )

  2. How wonderful Cortney! It will be lovely for you to have a place to feel settled.

  3. Wow!What a beautiful and cleaning flat.I want to be settle there.

  4. Its time to disco and decorate your home....

  5. wow, amazing house .I really like this house.Thank for publish.


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