Friday, November 5, 2010

My Job

I am in love with my job!  I had a rough year last year with working at a home improvement company as the secretary.  This summer things just went south with them and I decided it was time to move on.  God graciously provided me with a wonderful job where not only do I feel I am making a difference, it is super fun!  Although it is only a part time job, I am learning much more about money management and enjoy having mornings off. 

I am working at Church Street Bridal here in Lynchburg.  Church Street Bridal (CSB) is part of the YWCA of Central VA and is basically a year round fundraiser for the programs of the YWCA.  We have 3 shops- our regular bridal shop, our formal wear shop, and our Couture shop which houses our higher end designer bridal gowns and formals.  I work in the formal wear shop and sometimes get to work in the bridal shops.  It is so much fun helping girls find the perfect dress, and it is fantastic to know that through the proceeds of the sales, women of the community are being helped! 

All of our dresses are donated to us from shops around the country and then we sell the for a deeply discounted price.  The donors get tax credits and we get beautiful designer dresses!  Currently our biggest donor is Kleinfeld from Say Yes to the Dress on TLC!  Our bridal gowns range from $50-$650 and our formal dresses range from $5-200.  You can't beat our prices and some of our dresses retail for up to $12,000!

I thought I'd share a few photos of our shops...

Above is Church Street Bridal, Too which is the formal shop where I work.

This is the Church Street Couture

And this is Church Street Bridal

If you are ever in Lynchburg and need a bridal gown or formal dress come and see us!


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