Monday, November 29, 2010


I went black Friday shopping with my mom, aunt, cousin, and my cousin's boyfriend this year and although it was CRAZY, we had a good time.  It amazes me what people will do to get a good deal.  With all the scenes of people grabbing stuff the last few days, I have been thinking about the need for satisfaction.  Our culture is obsessed with stuff.  I think we all fall prey to materialism more often than not.  I'm slowing learning that less is more and will hopefully be putting that into practice as Jeremy and I begin to build our home. 

This weekend as I was home in NC for the holidays, I took a good look around my room and realized just how much JUNK I have acquired! I went on a cleaning spree and threw away 11 trash bags full of stuff!  11...that is ridiculous.  How do I get so consumed by things?  I often have to remind myself that this life isn't about what we have but Who we have living inside us.  I live this life for so much more than pretty decorations, piles of magazines, furniture, clothes, books, and whatever else I have collected through the years.  I desire to live every second for Him alone. 

Too much stuff takes too much of my attention.  As I am preparing to make mine and Jeremy's first place a comfortable home for us to enjoy, I don't want to crowd it with too much unnecessary junk.  Even things that I think we will be pretty in our home can be unnecessary. I want to find satisfaction in the needs the Lord supplies and be grateful for the abundance He provides.

Are you satisfied with your stuff?  Do you always wish you had every cool accessory you saw at the store, every cute outfit you see at the mall, or even that new car you've been eyeing?  Be satisfied with the fact that the Lord has provided your needs, and realize that less really is more.  Maybe its time for a purge around your home as well?


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