Friday, November 19, 2010

Cheap Treasures

I was browsing Craigslist the other day and stumbled upon an antique sled for sale for $15!  I love pretty much all things antique but I have always wanted one of these sleds to decorate with for Christmas. 

My mom uses my dad's sled from when he was little to decorate outside our garage.  She puts a Christmas swag on it with a ribbon and I have always thought it just looked so good and festive!

So when I saw this one, I just had to have it.  $15 is a pretty good deal I thought!

So now we have an antique sled that I will decorate with next Christmas wherever Jeremy and I may be living.  :)

I'm thinking something like this....

or this...
or this...

Oh course, mine is rusty and not red anymore but I like that better because I don't like red.  :)

While I was out in Madison Heights picking up the sled (about a 15 min drive from Lynchburg) I decided to check out their Goodwill.  The Goodwill is really big there, it use to be a RiteAid or something.  I found the book "Lies Women Believe" for .75!  I have wanted this book for a while but it is always like $10-15, so I just never have bought it.  I love Goodwill and their books!


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