Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Heather!

Today is my best friend's birthday!  Heather has been with me through thick and thin!  Heather and I met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since.  She is my matron of honor and I was her maid of honor when she got married a year and a half ago.  She is a first grade teacher, a loving wife, and a woman of God.  I am blessed to call her my friend.

Happy Birthday Heather- I love you girl!

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  1. Cortney!!

    I was so surprised when I saw this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRL!! You are the best friend I could ever hope for and I just love you to death!! I read your blog everyday in November and then got off-track in, as I am catching up tonight, I ran across this!! It really made my day (which has been a little off...I will have to call you) and made me smile! :) Thank you for remembering me and posting this...LOVE YA!!

    Oh, and I went to the antique store in Forest City the other day (which I LOVE) and got this really pretty cup and saucer!! (It's china and the Royal Albert's from a line they used to do of a "Month Series" and the one I found is from December...I just thought it would be nice to spend some of my birthday money on it, especially since I was born in December and all! LOL)

    FYI - I am on the lookout for old doorknobs. I would prefer like the glass kind or some pretty brass ones with pretty designs on them or something...sometimes the marble ones are pretty to, but I like the other ones better). Well, they didn't have any I liked this time at the antique store, but if you are ever shopping around and see some that are reasonably priced, send me a pick because I really, really want some!! I would love to have a different doorknob on every door in the house for an antique, eclectic look. We may need to go to that antique store in Hendersonville sometime. :)

    Well, since I wrote you a book, I'm sure this is the longest comment you've ever gotten. :) Hope you enjoyed the read. :)



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