Monday, December 6, 2010

Healthy Living

Jeremy and I often talk about how we want to live healthy lives and make sure that we are eating healthy.  After watching the documentaries Food Inc.and Supersize Me, I want to start eating more organic and whole foods.  It will be hard, as well as more expensive, but we think it is important.  Too often I just put things in my body without even considering what it is or where it is from.  It is scary that when you walk into a grocery store, we have no idea where any of the food has been or what processing it has gone through before hitting those shelves.

We are going to shop more at farmer's markets and try and find local raised meat.  Just this past weekend we went to the Community Market in Lynchburg and got a few veggies to make a roast.  We also got a little something special at the fresh bakery at the community market.  Jeremy got a fresh croissant and I had a pumpkin muffin.  They were wonderful!

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Bedford Avenue Meat Shop which sells local grass fed beef, free range chicken, etc.  I'll hopefully snap a few pictures and share with you soon!



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