Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome!  I'm joining in with The Nester's Holiday tour of homes and if you're visiting I hope you enjoy your look around! 

Just a little about me- I'm engaged and my fiance and I are planning to be married in June of next year. This is my last Christmas with my family before I get married. Although it is an exciting time, it is also a little sad to think about.

While I am very much looking forward to next year when I can decorate mine and Jeremy’s own place for Christmas, I will miss being able to help decorate with my mom at home.

So instead of showing you my apartment decorated for Christmas, I’m going to show you my beautiful home that my family decorated for Christmas! Although I don't live there anymore, its still my home, especially at Christmas!

Here is our house all decked out-it is hard to to get good pictures in the dark but you get the idea.

This is the living room.  My mama has some really great Christmas pillows!

Another view of the living room.  My parents put hardwood floors down this year- I think they look great!

Our pretty Christmas tree!  My mom's ornaments are a collection of all kinds of ornaments that we have collected through out the years.   It is always fun when we go through the box of ornaments to put up the tree- it's like a walk down memory lane.  

Here is the tree with more light.  We don't have presents wrapped yet but that's ok :)

The nativity and our favorite picture of my brother.  He is catching snowflakes on his tongue in that picture- so cute!

I love the pine branch with ribbon on the window!

Our second tree in the sunroom is my favorite!  

The ornaments on this tree are very symbolic.  My mom has tons of pomegranate ornaments on the tree as well as the olive wood ornaments that we got when we went to Israel!  Pomegranates are symbolic of the country of Israel. 

And the star on the top represents the star that led the magi to Jesus.

Here is the tree with more light- isn't it so beautiful?

Oh, and I had to show a picture of my mom's antique sled since I mentioned it here.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my parents' home! 


  1. So very pretty! I love the olive wood ornaments... each year a couple from the Holy Land brings olive wood items to sell at our church and we have bought a small nativity and a cross.
    happy Christmas!

  2. Thanks Michelle!
    They are so special and meaningful! I purchased a small olive wood nativity while in Israel as well. Such a great reminder of the reason for the season

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    Your decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!

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