Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding Invitations

Tonight I had another wedding project workday with my roommate and good friend Chrissey.  We finished making all of the wedding invitations!  I’m all about DIY for the wedding, and the invitations are no exception. 

I used a “print at home” invitation kit that came with 50 invitations, 50 reply cards, 50 envelopes and 50 reply card envelopes. I bought them because they had the perfect blue envelopes, and decided to print our invitations on the white back side of the invitations from the kit.

I started out with two of these invitation kits. They were only $4.99 each!  Ollie’s is amazing!100_0874

100_0876I then wrote up my invitations on Word and printed them out on the backside of the invitation using my regular ole’ printer. 

We trimmed them down a little so that I could make a border using a sand colored paper that I picked up at Michael's.  I left a space at the top of the invitations to put a stamped seashell.


My roommate and bridesmaid, Sarah, showed me about a year ago how to emboss with rubber stamps and I loved it!  I decided to emboss a stamped shell on the invitation.  Embossing gives the images a raised texture and makes it shiny. 

Here is Sarah embossing tonight…


And Chrissey using the heat gun to make the embossing powder melt and raise.  It’s so cool how it works!


I put the finished invitation on the sand colored paper and then tied a raffia bow around them. 


And this is how they turned out!


I’m really happy with the finished product, and so thankful for the girls for helping me out.  We knocked them all out in a few hours tonight.  I had been working on addressing the envelopes earlier this week so I was able to go ahead and stuff the invitations in the envelopes.  Now I just have to figure out a design for the reply cards and they will be ready to be sent out in April!  I’m happy to be ahead of schedule and getting projects done early.  Hopefully this will make the last few months less stressful!


Only 147 days until the wedding….it’s getting close!


  1. They look lovely. I have a friend who does stamp embossing. There's so much satisfaction in d.i.y.

    Lisa x

  2. beautiful! I love how they turned out.

  3. These are so pretty. They look so professional!You should be so proud of how they tuned out.

  4. Those are so incredibly gorgeous. I love how you utilized the BLANK side. What type of printer did you use? We are printing our invitations at home and I'm looking for recommendations.

  5. @Jessica
    Jessica, Thank you so much! I used an HP Inkjet, 5400 series. It is just a cheap printer from Wal-Mart. It was challenging though because it didn't want to keep the paper straight because it was so small. There were several that I had to throw away because the writing wasn't straight.


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