Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Eats in Savannah

We felt like we based our whole days on what we were going to eat while we were on our honeymoon.  We enjoyed some amazing food in Savannah!  Here are a few that we got pictures of…

Our number one favorite place we ate while in Savannah was Mrs. Wilkes Boarding house.  It doesn't have a website and has never advertised yet it’s so famous even President Obama has eaten there!  It started with a lady, Mrs. Wilkes, cooking at a boarding house so that her and her husband could live there. Soon her country cooking became so popular that other people in Savannah started coming for lunch.  Eventually it was opened to the public and her and her husband bought the boarding house.  She and her family have served lunch to locals and tourist alike for years.  But you have to line up outside about an hour before it opens, it’s not a normal restaurant!  There are family tables set up in the dining room and you just eat family style with whomever you’re at a table with.  You eat family style- how much is that!

Here’s the line for lunch

100_1434This is the only sign they have outside- nothing to point out that they are a restaurant.    100_1550 100_1551

When you walk in your table is set with bowls and bowls of delicious southern cuisine and you can stuff yourself silly with all of it.   My favorites were the fried chicken, mac and cheese, biscuits (literally the best biscuits I have ever put in my mouth), and the banana pudding for dessert.  When you’re done with your food, they ask that in the Wilkes family style, you take your own plate to the kitchen.  :) 

100_1552 100_1553

We highly suggest going to Mrs. Wilkes if you’re ever in Savannah!  It’s about $15 a person, but totally worth it!  We purchased the cookbook and I know it will be a staple for me and Jeremy to cook from. 



One of our other favorite meals was lunch at Papillote, a great little French bistro on Broughton Street.  We want to go to France someday and love watching shows about French cuisine, so we had planned on going here back when we first started researching things to do in Savannah. 


 100_1529 100_1530

I had the La Parisien sandwich and it was so yummy!   It had ham, brie and swiss cheeses, and honey mustard on ciabatta bread topped with paper thin slices of apples.  Who would have thought to put apples on a sandwich?  It was great!  Wish I could figure out how to cut them that thin myself!100_1533

Jeremy got a cheese platter with homemade brioche and “fries”.  These fries were amazing, they were thick and pan fried in duck fat with white truffle oil and sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese.  They came with a dipping sauce that was fantastic.  100_1534

After our lunch we  got a bottle of sparkling raspberry lemonade (mainly because I liked the bottle and wanted one to keep).  It was very good, and I kept wanting to go back to get another bottle of it.

100_1536 100_1537

We even splurged on desserts and Jeremy got crème brulee and I got chocolate mouse.  Both were fantastic. 100_1538




Another little place that I LOVED was Back in the Day Bakery.  I had seen this place on another blog (I can’t remember which though) and had written it down to make sure we went.  It is decorated in the vintage/shabby chic style that I love and the cupcakes were so rich and tasty.  It was surprisingly only a couple of blocks from our B&B!

100_1570Look at the cute water dispenser!   100_1571 Lots of baked goods- however the person in front of us in line got the last bread pudding that Jeremy wanted.  :(100_1572I decided to stick with the old fashioned cupcake.  It was a good choice.  100_1573 100_1574Jeremy opted for the blueberry pie bar.  It really did taste just like blueberry pie.   And Jeremy loves pie. 100_1575

The decor was so cute and the people working there even wore vintage aprons.  I was in love.  100_1576



Another one of our favorite places we ate at that I don’t have pictures of is Zunzis.  It is a take out place and it had the best lasagna I have ever eaten, and lasagna is my favorite food.  Jeremy had roasted chicken over mashed potatoes topped with their spicy sauce.  It was to die for.  It was rated #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor so we knew we wanted to check it out.  We’re very glad we did!  Here’s a photo I found online of the outside

Some of our favorite memories in Savannah were of the wonderful food we ate!

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