Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tips for Organizing Your Car

Day two of my “productive week” includes cleaning out and organizing our car!  We have driven almost 1,000 miles in the last 3 weeks, and our car is in need of organizing! 

Step #1

First and foremost, clear out all the trash.  You know, the fast food cups, gas receipts, food wrappers, any trash that has somehow ended up in the floor of your car.  (I know we can’t be the only ones who let our car get like that Smile)  We try and keep a grocery bag in the car for trash.  If you do this as well, throw away the bag and get a new one.  

I love this idea for car trash that has been floating around Pinterest for a while.  It’s a plastic cereal dispenser used a trash can.  How clever!

For the back seat you could create something like this

(Tutorial found here)

Step #2

Now clear out any other random items that you keep in your car (umbrellas, books, sports equipment, fold up chairs, reusable grocery bags, etc.) We will deal with them later, but for now clear them out so that you can move on to the next step. 

Step #3

Next, Vacuum out your car with a shop vac, hand held vacuum, or just go to a local car wash or gas station that has vacuums.  I ALWAYS feel better when the car if vacuumed out!  Don’t forget to take out your mats and clean them. 

If you’re feeling ultra motivated, why not shampoo your carpets?  Not that I’m going to do that, but hey, it’s a good thought Smile 

Step #4

Now get a nice and clean rag and start cleaning off the dashboard, controls, steering wheel, center console, etc.  Break out the Armor All or your favorite car cleaner and get it looking nice and shiny!

Step #5

Clean the inside windows and windshield using Windex or your favorite glass cleaner and newspaper.

Step #6

Now on to the random stuff.  This is my favorite part because I love having a space for everything and seeing my things organized. 

In the back of your car (or trunk) you can use a collapsible tote to store your random car items.  Thirty-One has some awesome utility totes that are perfect for this. 

It folds down when you’re not using it and stands up when you are. 

Fill the tote with your extra car blanket, sports equipment, or whatever else you have lying around.  This way it doesn’t slide around everywhere and you can easily find it when you need them!  My aunt gave us one of these totes for a wedding shower gift, and I love it!  It is big and fits lots of things inside.

Other organizers would work just as well.  Think of under the bed organizers, drawer organizers, and other bins that you see in the home organization aisle and consider if they could work for your car.

Here are some other great car organizing ideas…

Clean out your glove compartment and use an organizer to keep up with you car registration, insurance information, tire gauge, flash light, etc.The one below is available from QVC for around $5.  You could probably find one in a local Auto Zone, or other car store.

Another idea is to use a simple paper organizer to hold your registration and other important documents you keep in your car. You can pick these up at Wal Mart or Staples for a couple of bucks.

Step #7

Last but not least, give the outside a good wash! 


Hope I’ve inspired you to be productive today!

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  1. Love this. I need to clean out our Explorer! I'd go right now....

    But my husband has the car. XD


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