Friday, January 7, 2011


This Christmas, my family blessed Jeremy and I with some really wonderful things for our home.  Today I thought I'd share a few of those blessings with you. 

My grandparents gave us my #1 wishlist item from our registry...

A Kitchenaid Mixer!!!
 It's a white liftstand mixer and I can't wait to use it!

My parents found a great deal on the Paula Deen Cookware set I wanted on black Friday, and I was so excited to get it!

They are the aqua set with 6 bonus pieces!

My parents also gave us the dinnerware I'd been eyeing at K-Mart for about a year.  I love the clean white, raised design, and scalloped edge. 

If you haven't been to K-Mart in a while, they have some really beautiful things in their Jacqueline Smith and Country Living collections.

My aunt and her family gave me this adorable apron with "Mrs. Jenkins" embroidered on it! How cute is that?

I can't wait to cook Jeremy some yummy food wearing it! :)

I wish I had a picture to show you, but another great thing I received were some handmade pot holders from my grandmother.  They are green and blue and favorites!

We are so blessed to have received these wonderful things for our home!  We can't wait to use them all.

How about you- what were some blessings you received before you got married that helped make your new place with your spouse a home?  Any suggestions on items to register for that you've found to be really helpful in your home? I'd love your advice!


  1. Love the dinnerset, and that apron is sweet. I'm feeeling a bit tired and my brains battling to think back almost 17 years, to the wedding presents we received. Everything was loved and appreciated, but nothing is standing out right now, sorry. I had to comment on dinnerset and apron.
    Lisa x

  2. Your apron is the cutest thing ever! And I loooove those dishes! I love my stand mixer too, so you're going to enjoy that. I loved all of the wedding presents we received, especially things for the kitchen, since that's my favorite room of the house. :)


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