Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chalkboard Menu

I picked up this frame at a local antique shop the same day I got these. I plan on making a chalkboard menu for the wedding reception out of it.  One goal I have for our wedding is to use mostly decorations and items that I can reuse in our home after the wedding. This is a perfect example of that.  After using it at our wedding reception like this:

I hope to use it in our home like this:

Or like Aliesha's lovely black chalkboard menu in her kitchen:

I am so eager to get this project underway, but I am worried it is too cold outside to spray paint, and we don't have a garage or basement where I could do it.  It snowed yesterday so I at least have to wait until the snow melts.  Do you have any suggestions? This will be my first time using chalkboard paint, so I'm a little nervous I'm gonna mess it up.  Also, do you think I need a primer?


  1. It's going to be pretty! I would prime it since you're painting directly on glass (I'm assuming). Do two coats of primer before starting the chalkboard paint. I think I added four coats of chalkboard paint to mine after priming. You want it to stick and not flake off! Love the detail on that frame.

  2. I haven't used chalkboard paint before. But I had to say, that is going to look fantastic. You've inspired me.


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