Friday, April 29, 2011

Chalkboard Menu Board

Remember way back in January when I posted this about making a chalkboard menu?  I had bought this old painting at a local antique shop for about $10 if I remember correctly. 

Today I finally got around to transforming it into this…


I’m going to be using it to write our menu on for the wedding reception.  Which is going to be a delicious southern buffet in case you’re wondering :) 

Here’s how I spent the afternoon


I got an old painting drop cloth out and spread it out outside.  Isn’t is such a beautiful day outside?  (At least here in NC) and took apart the frame and painting. 

I then spray painted the frame an ivory color and the painting with chalkboard spray paint- both from Krylon. 


I had to do about 5-6 coats to get the painting covered. 


I let it dry for a couple of hours and then reassembled the frame and board.  And ta-da, a nice new chalkboard for our menu! 

Like I had said before, we are going to use this in our house after the wedding.  I love menu planning for the week- it makes my life so much easier when I’m shopping and then it helps to keep me from going out and eating because I already have something planned to fix for the day.  I’ll use the menu board to hopefully display our weekly menu when Jeremy and I get married :) 


It’s not perfect.  I ran out of ivory spray paint before I got done with my second coat and the chalkboard paint ended up not being completely even (you can see that in the picture above a little), but I’m going with the Nester’s mantra on this one, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”.


One more project down, about 20 more to go!


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