Friday, April 15, 2011

Honeymoon Jar

About two years ago I started a honeymoon jar.  It was just a change jar that I planned to use for honeymoon expenses.  A couple of girls in my dorm were engaged and had started a jar, so I figured I could start before I got engaged and would have even more saved up by my honeymoon. :)   I decided to dump it all out and count it today.  I had filled up 1 and 1/2 mason jars in two years, pretty good for someone who doesn’t hardly use cash! 


I dumped it all out on the floor and separated it before counting to make it a little easier. 


I counted it up and bagged it with the totals on it so I can roll them and take them to the bank.  Can you take change that isn’t rolled to the bank?  I would much prefer to not have to do that step. 

Wanna guess the total?……..





That will make for a few good meals in Savannah come June :) 

If you’re engaged I suggest doing this, you’ll never miss the change, and it feels nice to have a few extra dollars for the honeymoon.  Even if already married this is great to do to save for vacations or a special date night.  My dad always did this each year for our beach trip in the summer and it was always fun to count the money before we went to see how much we had and then use for eating money.  What could you save up for?


  1. When I worked at a local bank, we would not take loose change. We'd tell customers to go to a grocery store that had a CoinStar machine and do it that way. But banks will give you the coin rollers and then accept the rolled coin! :o) Either way its a pain, but you get to keep more of your money if you roll it yourself!! :o)

    Great job in saving! A fairly new reader here and you are quite wise! I wish I had done some of the things you are doing before I got married!! :o) Shoulda, coulda, woulda!!! Congrats on your upcoming marriage! God Bless!

  2. We usually take our change to the grocery store (when wallets get too heavy!). The coin machines are simple to use. But they do charge about 3% per service. You can get bills, or at one of the stores I go to, they'll print a receipt to I take to the register to scan like a coupon off my groceries.

  3. Ian and I have started a jar too :)such a good and easy idea!


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