Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Walk Through Holy Week

image Today begins Holy Week, the week proceeding the celebration of Easter.  Holy Week is a special time for the Christian faith, it is a time to reflect and remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins.  We have spent the last 40 days in the season of lent, and this week culminates the journey to the cross. 

This week I will be posting a series titled, “A Walk Through Holy Week”.  3 years ago, my mom and I visited Israel and my view on the happenings of Scripture were forever changed.  I walked where Jesus walked, I saw the city over which He cried, I stood in the tomb where He may have lay.  This week, I’d like for you to walk with me through the Holy Land and see first hand where Jesus went and what He did the week before He died.  Perhaps you will understand in real time, maybe for the first time, what the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry looked like. 

I’ll be sharing pictures and background information as we travel along, following what Jesus did the last few days before He sacrificed it all on the cross.  I’ll start the series tomorrow with Palm Sunday and Holy Monday.


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