Monday, April 11, 2011

J.Crew Sample Sale

I mentioned yesterday in my post about the CASA Shoe Sale that I went to the J. Crew Sample Sale after work on Saturday. 

Again, Lynchburg is home to another famous brand- J.Crew.  The headquarters and factories are located here and there are two Clearance stores located in Lynchburg.  Each month, there is a warehouse sample sale and the prices for the clothes are outrageously low compared to normal J.Crew prices!  I go into the outlet store in Gaffney, SC and laugh at the “outlet” prices now that I am use to the sample sale prices! 

For example,
All men and women’s shirts: $8
All pants: $15
All non-wedding dress dresses: $15
All bathing suits: $2 (for each piece)
Jackets: $25

Just like at the shoe sale, people start lining up for these sales about 2 hours before the doors open and when you finally get in, you’re handed a huge trash bag and a price list.  You just make your way through the tables of boxes and stuff anything you think you possibly might want into your bag.  You then take everything to the middle and sides and start going through choosing what you want or don’t want.  There is no trying on, and there are no mirrors, so it is good to have a friend along who can help determine if something would work or not.

I found a couple of pictures of the sale and the building online to show you what it is like.  I didn’t have my phone or my camera with me so I wasn’t able to take any pictures myself. 
Here’s the warehouse and the madness inside during a sale:
I’ve gotten several of my favorite shirts and skirts at the sales throughout the years, and I think I found a couple more new favorite shirts this weekend.  Here are some picture of my new clothes- perfect for summer nights in Savannah (only 2 more months!)

I hate when people take pictures of themselves and then post them on facebook.  But I was being lazy, and didn’t feel like changing shirts to take a picture of this one, so here is a photo of me in one of my new shirts, and excuse the fact that I did the “take a picture of yourself and post it on the internet” thing.  It won’t happen often, I promise :) 
downsized_0410011617A lace tank top <3 downsized_0410011615
My new favorite shirt in my favorite color downsized_0410011615a

This one looks so cute right?  Looks can be deceiving.  I put it on and I thought I looked like Cruella Deville.  It has this fringe stuff on the sleeves that is just too much.  That’s the risk you take buying at these sales and not being able to try things on.  I decided to cut off 2 layers of fringe and it looks so much better now.  downsized_0410011615b
And I got a graphics tee for Jeremy.  Not his usual style, but I fell in love with the shirt and Jeremy really likes sailboats, so we’ll see if he likes it or not.  :)


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