Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Bible Study

Today was the last day of my Jonah Bible Study at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  I have learned so much from this study and from the ladies who were at my table. I am so grateful to have been placed in a group of such wonderful women, they have each taught me so much….

208707_1941737793058_1530860132_32211319_7016146_n From Left to Right: Tanya, Me, Dawn, Jennie, Debbie, and Janie  (just missing Ellie- she was busy selling her house in Atlanta and moving to Lynchburg!)

Dawn was our table leader and she has taught me the importance of sacrifice for your family.  She is an example of a woman who gave up a career to be a full time mom and homemaker.  I admire her so much for that.  She has taught me that instead of always giving advice, we should instead always be in prayer for others.  She is such a great leader, and I am so happy that I was chosen to be in her group.

Ellie has taught me how to move on faith.  She is a woman who is so in tune with the Lord and so willing to follow Him no matter the cost.  She has been an inspiration to me, especially during this time of not knowing where we are going to live. Her love for her family and her devotion to them is so rich!  She is a wonderful example of a godly wife and mother!  She reminded me of the importance of cultivating your personal relationship with the Lord so that you can pour into your family.

Tanya has shown me that even pastor’s wives need to be ministered to.  She is a pastor’s wife that lives 30 minutes from Lynchburg but drives up every week to Bible Study so she can be fed herself and make connections with other women.  She is so uplifting and such a great example of a pastor’s wife. 

Jennie has taught me about self sacrifice and about putting others above yourself.  She has uprooted her life to care for her daughter and grandchildren and her love for her family is so evident.  She is an example of what it means to be devoted to family and I admire her for all she has done. 

Janie has taught me to never stop searching and learning and delighting in the Lord.  She is in the early stages of her relationship with the Lord and it is a blessing to see her get excited and delight in the Lord.  I don’t ever want to loose that love and joy of learning about Him.

Debbie has taught me to have an empathetic heart.  She is so kind and genuine and she shows so much love and genuine care to others.  Her heart for others is contagious and I desire to display that same kind of love!


Today was a wonderful day at our study.  Linda and Jen Barrick spoke to our group and I just love hearing about their story and God’s grace that has lead them through so much heartache the past 5 years. 

Each week, Linda Barrick leads Mountain Blend, our Bible Study, at TRBC.  She is the daughter of Ed Hindson, a professor at Liberty University.  She has such a sweet spirit and her and her family have such a powerful story and testimony of the faithfulness of the Lord.

In 2006, the first year that I was at Liberty University, Linda and her family were in a horrible car accident.  Going home from church one night they were hit by a drunk driver, and their lives were forever changed.  Below is a picture of their car after the accident. 

All of the family members were seriously injured and Jen was in a coma and expected not to survive.  I remember us as a Liberty family along with TRBC rallying around this family and praying fervently for a miracle.  The Lord indeed still performs miracles! 

In the midst of her coma, Jen would sing praise songs to the Lord and quote Scripture out loud, despite not being conscious.  The Lord was with her in a very real way and allowed her to live. 

Today, Jen is still recovering from her injuries and still has brain injuries, difficulty seeing, and memory loss.  However she is using her story for the glory of the Lord and proclaiming His mercy and grace! 

It was so inspiring to hear from these two godly women today.  I encourage you to go and read more about their story on their website, Hope Out Loud Ministries



I would love to be able to stay in Lynchburg if only to get to go back to this table in the fall!  I love you ladies!

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