Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Proposal

One year ago today, Jeremy asked me to be his wife.  That was such a wonderful night! Jeremy proposed in downtown Lynchburg on Percival Island.  Percival Island is on the James River and there is a river walk going to the island.  People go down to run, walk, ride bikes, and fish.

I thought I’d share the pictures we took the day we got engaged and tell the story of how it all happened.  Here’s our proposal story:

This picture was taken the day he proposed on the riverwalk.  You can see the end of Percival Island in this picture- where those little trees are in the middle of the water.    


That day, I had suggested that Jeremy and I go and do something outside because it was such a pretty day.  We decided to go to Percival Island and walk around.  We had been a couple of times before and it is always a nice place to go that is fun to explore.  As we were walking to the island, Jeremy suggested that we carve our names into a tree.  I had been telling him I wanted to carve our names in a tree for as long as we had been dating, so of course I was excited! 

We walked around the island trying to find the perfect tree.  Here is Jeremy standing by the water a few minutes before we found “our tree”. 


100_0154Carving our initials into a tree was harder than we originally thought.  We tried a couple of trees before finding one that was easy enough to carve.  First we were going to carve out a heart (you can see that above our initials) and then we realized it was better just to do an outline of a heart.  We carved each others initials and then I insisted on taking tons of pictures because I was so excited.  Meanwhile Jeremy is trying to get me to stop so he can propose :) 


When I finally stopped taking pictures, Jeremy starting saying all of these sweet things and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I have never been happier and of course said yes!  We had decided way back that we were not going to kiss until we got engaged, so after he proposed we shared our first kiss.  It was such a sweet and special time for us that I will always cherish. 

The picture below is right after he asked me to marry him.  The sun had started to go down and I didn’t think about using the flash in the excitement, so its a little dark.



The picture below is the one I took of my ring on my phone to send to everyone that night while we sat on the riverwalk and called everybody to share the big news.


It was such a wonderful day, and I’m so glad I had the camera with me to capture it all!


Someday I’m going to buy a necklace like one of these.  Wouldn’t they be perfect for our story? (Click on the picture to see the source)


Last night we went back to Percival Island to celebrate one year of being engaged.  Our tree looks a little different now- it is in the water!  Here are some pictures from last night….

100_1135Jeremy had to go out on a log to inspect our initials- they are still there, but much harder to see, and much harder to get to :)

I tried to zoon in to get a picture of the initials, you can kind of see them in the picture below.  100_1132 Now he’s just playing around…100_1133 100_1134

I wanted to take a picture of the two of us.  Jeremy was in a playful mood, but not a picture taking mood… Here’s what I got for pictures.  His sense of humor- just one of the many reasons I love him :)

 100_1136 100_1137  100_1139

Seriously, we’re gonna be here all night if I don’t get a good picture…

This one will have to do.


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